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Waterford-based Artist Zach Mulcahy Launches Solo Project Big Yellow Jacket with Debut Single ‘Silhouette’

April 27, 2022

Big Yellow Jacket is the Artist name of Songwriter Zach Mulcahy. Mulcahy had previously released music under the moniker of “Mulcahy” however after teaming up with producer Cian Sweeney (@producedbycian) ,also known as 1000 Beasts, to produce his new single, Mulcahy began steering towards a synth-driven sonic palette drawing influence from Glass Animals, Bon Iver and Chvrches.

Mulcahy introduces his solo career under the Big Yellow Jacket moniker with ‘Silhouette’, an instantly captivating alt-pop arrangement. The song is a culmination of the Waterford-based artist re-centring his musical sensibilities across the pandemic. The quiet of recent years facilitated a space for Mulcahy to hone his songwriting and experiment with production techniques to create a broad sound across his textured compositions.

Big Yellow Jacket’s debut offering combines melancholic lyrical and musical elements with an engaging beat as a centrepiece to the composition with wistful synths bringing depth to the overall scope.

He is now set to make huge waves in the Irish music scene and establish a name for himself.

On ‘Silhouette’, Big Yellow Jacket navigates universal themes dealing with the desire to be in love whilst simultaneously facing the disintegration of relationships both firsthand and around him. Set to mournful synth tones floating atop an anchoring bass beat, the song effectively conveys Mulcahy’s wistful reflection on relationship failings.

Speaking on the song’s lyrical themes, Mulcahy says:

“’Silhouette’ was written after I had watched a few relationships around me fizzle into nothing, as well as experiencing it personally. Lyrically, the song explores feelings related to watching a structure you’ve known your whole life fall apart whilst struggling to keep your own relationships afloat as well. I was inspired to write about the disillusionment of chasing ‘the one’.”

This momentous release marks the beginning of a series of singles to come from Big Yellow Jacket throughout the year.

‘Silhouette’ drops May 6th 2022.

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