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music in the workplacePlaying music in the workplace is a key factor in increased levels of staff productivity and morale.

Taking out a Dual Music Licence from IMRO for the use of music in your factory or office ensures that you can legally use our vast repertoire of music to create a more positive and productive environment for your staff.

You are also ensuring the music creators behind the music you use to enhance your business are fairly remunerated for their work.

77% of managers agreed that allowing staff to listen to music enhances productivity.

88% said music creates a better working environment.


A Dual Music Licence from IMRO is required if you use copyright music as a background to work, meals, breaks, exercise and recreation at workplaces such as offices, factories, canteens or restrooms. A Dual Music Licence applies to performances of copyright music within the repertoire controlled by IMRO & PPI.

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