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Benefits of IMRO Membership

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IMRO is now recognised as one of the leading performing right organisations in the world due to its proactive policies in such areas as frequency of royalty distributions, transparency of operations and as a driving force on initiatives at international level that champion and protect the rights of creators throughout Europe and the USA in particular.

IMRO’s international reputation has grown considerably in a relatively short period of time and this is supported by the fact that IMRO now directly represents the interests of a growing number of major music publishers. In addition to this, our membership base continues to increase steadily with members based throughout the world.

We have become a trusted partner for music creators who recognise that their interests are well served by an organisation that has royalty maximisation and creators rights at its core.

Benefits of IMRO Membership

  • A major incentive for music creators to choose IMRO over other PROs, is that IMRO does not apply any additional administration charges on overseas public performance royalty earnings. Most other performing right organisations apply additional administration charges on overseas public performance royalties before passing royalties on to their members. These additional fees typically range from 2% – 8% across the PRO network. IMRO takes the view that the local performing rights organisation in the territory where the work has been performed has already applied an administration charge and identified who has written the work, so IMRO members should not be penalised again by adding on an additional administration charge.
  • IMRO issues royalty payments to its members on a monthly basis, making it one of the most efficient societies in the world. Most other societies do so on a quarterly basis.  IMRO members have full access to their royalty statements through an online portal area which is available through the IMRO website. We use state of the art cloud based technology to deliver a premium service.
  • IMRO members have direct access to a named team member in our distribution & membership departments who will deal with any queries that might arise throughout the year. This ensures a focused personal level of customer service.  Most other collection societies are not in a position to offer this level of direct contact.
  • We have many members, writers and music publishers, based all over the world and through our affiliated agreements with our sister societies we are well positioned to protect our members’ interests worldwide.
  • A member of IMRO can have all their earnings from EU territories processed and paid out in Euros avoiding all foreign exchange rate risks and any unnecessary bank charges.

IMRO is taking a lead role at an EU level in driving forward on a number of key initiatives that protect and advance the rights of music creators.

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