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Secondary Exploitation / Programme Sales

To distribute an Irish TV programme that already contains MCPS members’ music, you will need to apply for a Secondary Exploitation Licence.

The licence enables distributors, production companies and/or individual producers’ of ROI-originating television programmes to sell programmes containing our members’ music to new clients.

This licence can be used for all linear or on-demand usage and in-flight entertainment, including content sold for VOD and Mobile TV.

Programme sales blanket licence

  • You pay a percentage of the gross sales price of the productions that you sell.
  • This percentage is calculated by comparing the actual amount of music in a programme relative to the duration of the programme.
  • We then apply this percentage to a royalty of 8.5% for any sales outside of North America or 17% of sales to North America.

Duration of our members’ music/Total duration of programme x 100 x 8.5% = MCPS Ireland % Claim

If you are reversioning with production music, please visit our Production Music page and Production Music Rate Card

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