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Covermount AP7

Covermounts (AP7/AP7N)

The MCPS Covermounts Scheme (AP7 – Magazines / AP7n – Newspapers) covers music used on free CDs and other audio products supplied with a magazine or newspaper for sale to the public in the Republic of Ireland.

What are the rights and formats covered under the scheme?

The mechanical right (making copies of the music) across CD and other audio formats.

Once admitted onto the scheme, do you have to apply for individual product clearances?


How do you obtain product clearance under the scheme?

A separate application form must be completed for every type of audio product you intend to manufacture and ship. Application forms must be submitted under this scheme at least 21 days prior to your intended date of manufacture. Email for subsequent manufacture of additional product units.

What does the scheme exclude?

Third party sponsorship (this is covered under the SG3 scheme – Premium Products).

What are the main restrictions of the scheme?

You must adhere to the following guidelines:
  1. All music used on the cover-mount CD must be reviewed or referred to within the magazine/newspaper.
  2. Details of the album the music is from must also be included.
  3. CDs must not be by a single artist or contain more than two tracks written by the same writer/ writing partnership unless prior approval is gained from the copyright owner via MCPS. This restriction applies only in the case of recordings whose first commercial release is within the 24 months preceding the intended distribution date of the covermount CD.
  4. Products must include both the British Music Rights “Respect the Value of Music” logo and the strap line “The producers of this CD have paid the composer and publishers for the use of their music”. These must be displayed together either on the product itself or the sleeve. The product must be bagged with or affixed to the newspaper/magazine.
  5. ‘Music Product’ refers to music used with relevant still photo galleries, music with accompanying band related or other visual text, film of live performances, pop music videos and background music to interviews or other moving footage.
  6. There are no promotional allowances under this scheme.

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