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Independent Production Company Licence


Who is the IPC Blanket Licence for?

The IPC Blanket Licence is for independent production companies who want to use commercial or production music in their productions.

What does the IPC scheme allow you to do?

The IPC Blanket Licence enables producers of TV programmes access to over 10 million pieces of our members’ music.

What are the rights and formats covered under the agreement?

We provide a simple and cost effective way for you to access all the commercial or production music that you need.

Once admitted onto the scheme, do you have to apply for individual product clearances?

No. We offer a one-stop-shop: rather than seek clearance from individual copyright owners, you can now simply apply once to us.

How much do you pay?

Commercial music

From 1st January 2022, the Commission Channel Commercial Music Rates per 30 secs shall be:
  • RTE €93.00
  • TG4 €46.00
  • Virgin Media Ireland €62.00
  • Other TV Stations €31.00

Per programme rates

If a licensee’s total Production Music use fee (on a per programme basis) is calculated as being higher than that of the per programme rate then the per programme rate will automatically be charged. All TV programme rates also include +/- 30 day catch up for Video on Demand (VOD) Once signed up to the IPC scheme the process is straight forward, submit your reporting in the usual way indicating to your account manager what rights and options you require for each production.

What does the scheme exclude?

  • If you want to distribute an Irish TV programme that already contains our members music then you will also need to apply for a Secondary Exploitation Licence (link).
  • International use (for Irish programming made by Irish IPCs).
  • Adaptation, alteration, sampling or arrangement of a members’ commercial music without prior approval.
  • Reproductions of music as parodies.
  • Use of music in a deliberately derogatory, obscene or demeaning way to its composer, author or the performing artist.
  • Advertising and sponsorship.
  • Use of commercial music in title/credit sequences.
  • Single artist programs.
  • Prior approval commercial works.
Anything excluded from the blanket licence must be individually licensed.

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