Uly Presents ‘cold water’

March 27, 2020

Faction Records is delighted to present Uly’s latest release ‘cold water’.

“When I wrote ‘cold water’, I was on the other side of a pretty bad dose of writer’s block.

For what felt like forever, nothing would stick, and nothing felt or sounded good. My head was a little bit of a mess, and the one thing that would help me get over any kind mental funk in the past – making music – was actually now part of the problem.

I didn’t really have anything else outside of music that I really enjoyed to the same extent. I had tried other things in the past but nothing really did it for me. When I started to spend more time in the water instead of trying to write, that changed pretty quickly. I would spend my Sunday’s going for swims instead of writing at home. I found myself on a couple of impromptu surf trips with friends who I hadn’t spent time with properly in ages. Every time I got out of the water I would feel light, and clear headed.

A couple of weeks passed (a very long time for me to go without making any music!), and I sat down to do some writing. I was arranging another song for a live show, hit a wrong chord, and by the end of that day ‘cold water’ was pretty much finished.

Like most of what I write, this song is quite reflective and focuses on some aspect of myself. It’s hard for me to write well about anything else, being honest. I had finally found something outside of music that was good for me, that helped straighten me out when I really needed it. ‘cold water’ acknowledges that.

Each a result of his own singular vision and craft – Uly’s releases have gone strength to strength, both in quality of writing and production – each receiving high local acclaim. While unintentionally being received as a fresh and unique addition to the local Irish independent music scene, Uly’s discography has a particular motif at the heart of it: it’s groovy, dusty and wants to get stuck in your head.

Despite writing, recording and producing solely by himself – Uly has curated a live show with some of the country’s finest musicians, and made long and strong strides since his live debut in May of 2019:

Two sold-out headliners, festival slots from the fledgling Eastbound , eccentric and cosy Another Love Story to the juggernaut Electric Picnic – as well as perfectly suited support slots with the likes of Durand Jones & the Indications and Lee Fields & and the Expressions.

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