Tommy Keyes Shares His First Release of New Year

January 4, 2021

One of the first new releases of 2021, Tommy Keyes released his new single ‘Listen To The Rain’ on Friday 1 January.  It’s the fourth single to be taken from the very successful album ‘Ageing With Attitude’ and features a stunning backing vocal in Beach Boys style, arranged and performed by the legendary Thomas Walsh of Pugwash.

The single has already been released internationally and Tommy was stunned by one response in particular:

“With my first paycheque in 1972 I started a lifelong habit of buying albums. My first purchase was a CBS triple-album sampler The Music People. The obvious were all there – Dylan, The Byrds, Santana – but it also introduced me to dozens of brilliant artistes, one of whom was Genya Ravan.  This week my new single went out to radio stations across the world and I promptly got this e-mail back from the very same Genya Ravan who now presents a show on Little Steven’s Underground Garage, the world famous radio channel run by Steven Van Zandt of the E Street Band.

It’s a bit surreal to come full circle from having my ears opened by a wonderful artiste to having her promoting my own music nearly 50 years later.”

‘Listen To The Rain’ is available on all download and streaming services. 

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