TAYNE Release ‘Alive’

March 27, 2018

‘Alive’ (released April 3rd) is the second single by TAYNE, taken from their forthcoming debut ‘Breathe’ releasing in 2018.

TAYNE is a London based Experimental, Pop, Noise, outfit created by Matthew Sutton.

Described as “Industrial Synth Pop” TAYNE’s music is an aural assault that welds moody, atmospheric vocals, punishing guitars, and overwhelming electronics, to pulsating rhythms; creating a unique listening experience. TAYNE’s live performances are equally as intense as the sounds they deliver.

For fans of Nine Inch Nails, John Maus, Fuck Buttons, PVT, Health, Liars, Lightning Bolt.

“Swathes of dreamy experimental electronica-gaze avail the senses on this upcoming single by London outfit TAYNE.” – Little Indie Blogs

“It’s a perfect single with a dark, driven melody fusing electronica, synth waves and brooding vocals.” – Circuit Sweet

“When you want the sheen and melody of pop music but also feel like chucking a chair across a room. Savagery and distortion combed with vibrancy and gloss.” – The Thin Air

“This is intense, claustrophobic, unstoppable and infectious stuff that you should all put in your gym playlist before going nuts on a treadmill.” – Listen With Monger



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