Sun Collective Share Second Single from Upcoming EP

June 10, 2020

‘Swallow’ is the second single out from Sun Collective’s forthcoming EP, ‘MOVE ||REMOVE’. Produced and mixed by Ross Turner (Lisa Hannigan, Villagers), recorded by Ber Quinn (John Grant, Divine Comedy), with accompanying film and visuals by Myles O’Reilly and Donal Dineen (This Ain’t no Disco).


  • cause or allow to pass down the throat.
  • put up with or meekly accept.
  • resist expressing (a feeling) or uttering (words).
  • take in and cause to disappear.
  • a migratory swift-flying songbird.

‘Swallow’ explores the remnants of past and inherited personal traumas. Playing on the double meanings of “Swallow”, the homonym see’s songwriter, Caimin Gilmore, exploring a myriad of complex personal traumas and emotional issues, in an attempt at self-healing.

Myles O’Reilly (Arbutus Yarns) on Sun Collective and ‘Swallow’:

“It’s rarely the case that out-of-nowhere I get an email from an artist I’ve never heard, asking me to collaborate on a video, and I press play on their tune, and my mind gets absolutely blown to pieces. That was my first reaction to Sun Collective when we became digitally acquainted in 2015. Since then I have been lucky to collaborate on numerous visual projects with Caimin Gilmore and Co. They touch on a sound that leads the way. A sound that touches on nothing else. Trailblazing into the future with effortless ingenuity, integrity and unfaltering musicianship.

This video for ‘Swallow’ features a series of non-narrative animations by the patient hand of Donal Dineen (a frequent collaborator and co-creator of This Ain’t No Disco). We used regular household objects and kitchen implements on an overhead projector, to make a visual that tries not to distract from the music but still draws you in, and remains constantly engaging. A magpie’s dream.”


‘MOVE || REMOVE’ EP, is due for release on August 10th (Caimin’s 32nd Birthday). It will feature four new Sun Collective tracks and three recording outtakes that will segue way between tracks. Each track features one contributing musician and specifically commissioned visuals/videos. The EP deals with a number of personal issues and themes (a first for the songwriter) – Identity, Trauma, Memory, and Healing. It’s first single, ‘Roots’ has over a 120k streams and is playlisted on Spotify’s popular Stress Buster playlist.

Sun Collective’s densely orchestrated chamber-folk draws on pop, folk and contemporary classical music. The five piece include Caimin Gilmore (Lisa Hannigan), Patrick O’Laoghaire (I Have a Tribe), Kevin Corcoran (Villagers), Dominic Mullan (Mary Coughlan) and Oisín Peelo Walsh (Hudson Taylor).

In 2019, Sun Collective toured Australia, with the support of Culture Ireland and Woodford Folk Festival. They subsequently performed alongside I Have a Tribe on an intimate Homebeat tour throughout Ireland. In 2018, they performed and collaborated at the P-E-O-P-L-E Festival, alongside Stargaze, Lisa Hannigan, Big Red Machine, Adam Cohen, Greg Saunier (Deerhoof) and Zach Condon (Beirut).

They released their critically acclaimed self-titled debut album in 2017.

‘Swallow’ by Sun Collective is out now on all platforms.

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