Sakara’s Son Launch Sonic Indie Alt-Rock Debut EP

August 18, 2021

Ireland’s latest alt-rock powerhouse Sakara’s Son, made their debut with the release of the 3-track EP, Hold Your Breath, on Friday 13th of August, which throws back to the golden era of grunge while melodically wrestling with nuances of indie and psych.

Track 1, ‘A Little Unjustified’, starts as a sonic postcard to the era of Britpop, constructed by razor-sharp hooks and choruses that could easily command a mainstage festival crowd.

Track 2, ‘I Waited All Night’, is a pensive alt-rock ballad that exhibits a softer side to Sakara’s Son.

Track 3, ‘Crying Shame’, is a psychedelic ode to the alt-90s that eclipses grunge with sludgy guitars and relatable frustrative vocals that run in the same vein as Chris Cornell’s.

Sakara’s Son said, “Our debut EP, ‘Hold Your Breath’, is a reflection of our current disquiet times. The singles embrace the darkness while providing the listener with a cathartic escape from the 21st-century that so readily imparts frustration.”

Amelia Vandergast said, “Between the vocals that instantly conjure imagery and the bright, crisp melodies that are interrupted with scuzzy increments of rock n roll, there’s an enticingly manic feel to Sakara’s Son’s sound. It never allows you to anticipate the aural curveballs that will ricochet your way next but time after time, you’ll be enamoured with each unpredictable progression.

If Bryan Adams, Velvet Revolver, Billy Bragg and Johnny Marr pulled together to create a medley, I sincerely doubt it would contain as much dynamism as Sakara Son’s debut.”

Sakara’s Son is the brainchild of Northern Ireland-hailing singer-songwriter and instrumentalist Tom Rice. His debut EP under his new moniker, Sakara’s Son, captures his high-energy grungy expression at its most visceral.

With this stunning sophomore EP, Sakara’s Son is one to keep a close eye on.

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