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ONEMAC PROJECT Announce Release of New Single ‘Irish For a Day (A Song For St. Patrick’s Day)’

March 8, 2022

Following on from their New York A-listed radio hit “Day by Day” and the success of their seasonal “Memories of Christmas Day”, which was played on over 40 radio stations in the USA and Canada, as well as being A-listed on at least one International Christmas radio station, ONEMAC PROJECT (OMP) today announced the release of their new single, “Irish For a Day (A Song For St. Patrick’s Day)”, a high-energy, uplifting, radio-friendly, fun song to celebrate Ireland’s National Holiday. The song is a blend of driving rock and traditional Irish music with a bit of humour and a very catchy chorus.

The central theme of the song is to reject the name “St. Patty’s Day” as they sing “You can call him Pat, or Paddy, but Patty … No, No Way!”  So it’s a feel-good song that will have people dancing and singing along with it. It’s amazing to think that with over 100 million people worldwide claiming Irish connections and the fact that St. Patrick’s Day is widely celebrated in so many parts of the world that there are few if any, songs specifically for St. Patrick’s Day. Well, St. Patrick’s Day has it’s own song now!

With a driving Bodhran behind the vocal, you could almost hear Christy Moore singing these lines;

“They say he drove the snakes away

I think he missed a few

It’s not what I am saying 

But that’s according to

Jimmy ’n Johnny n Mary n Paul 

In fact, there’s quite a few

That hung around and caused a row

They never said adieu.” 

While this is a fun song, there are also a few social comments thrown into the mix. Well, it wouldn’t be OMP without it. For example, in verse two, there is a nod to how Ireland has changed and modernised in recent years, “We don’t care about your colour your gender or your creed

And of course, the Irishman abroad gets a mention …

On Bondi or on any beach

You’ll see the Irishman

His head shines like a beacon

Still searching for a tan.

Claims Bono, Bob & Rory are his friends

But that’s not true.

He’ll ask you, “what’s the story?”

But he hasn’t a scoobie doo

Penned by Michael MacMahon, and James O’Connor, the track opens with the immaculate fiddle and mandolin of Denise Boyle, before launching into a catchy rocking chorus. O’Connor’s driving rock guitars are held together by David Harte’s sold bass lines with Dale McKay adding some tight Bodhran into the mix. As usual, O’Connor’s vocals are on point as he delivers a performance full of power and fun. The finished result, produced by MacMahon, is very hard to resist.

Most of us will recognise someone we know in the lyrics.

He doesn’t need encouragement 

To dance a jig all night

He’s the master of all subjects

Though he talks a load of *****

All in all, this is an uplifting, radio-friendly, happy song that should find a wide audience of many ages at home and abroad.

“Irish For a Day (A Song For St. Patrick’s Day)” will be available to download or stream on all platforms from 14th March.


ONEMAC PROJECT is a loose collaboration between Irish based singer-songwriter James O’Connor and songwriter/producer Michael MacMahon plus award-winning Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Kim Diaz-Smith.

Learn more about ONEMAC PROJECT’s current musical explorations at

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