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New Single From Pete and Tom on Song ‘Live Fast’

January 13, 2022

“Good career move” said the film Director, Peter Bogdanovich quoting some nameless Hollywood insider on the death of Elvis Presley.

And indeed Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, James Dean, Amy Winehouse and many others have found the same. The difficulty being of course that you don’t actually get to enjoy the benefits. Fame is indeed a fickle, faithless and often cruel companion and most who were hugely famous in their day but chose not to make the “good career move” live long enough either to disappoint their fan base or to be forgotten completely.

Mary Louise Brooks was the most famous and iconic actress of the age of silent movies but failed to make the ultimate (see what I did there) career move. This song is her story.

Pete and Tom On Song are Pete Nugent and Tom O’Brien, two gentlemen of a certain age, who have returned to music after a long absence.Since 2019 they have released eight singles. Aided and abetted by Aingeala D Búrca(ex In Tua Nua) on violin. They record at Floodplain Studios in Clontarf with Graham Watson engineering, co-producing and mastering.

Live Fast will be released on January 14th 2022.

Website: www.peteandtomonsong.com

Instagram: @pete_and_tom_on_song

Twitter: @peteandtomonso1

Facebook: @PeteAndTomOnSong


Apple: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/pete-and-tom-on-song/1476455033

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