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New Single From Fiona Kennedy ‘Heart & Soul’

March 9, 2022

Heart & Soul is the latest single release from Cork based Singer Songwriter Fiona Kennedy. A recording artist & IRMA Award nominee, Fiona Kennedy has a very long track record which includes albums, EP’s & singles and many TV performances, including her own one-hour TV special on RTE. Her followers are growing fast with long time music lovers being joined by many new fans of Kennedy’s distinctive voice & thoughtful, honest songwriting.

Heart & Soul launched officially on 3rd March and a new album is due for release later this year.

Fiona’s single ‘Where Else Would You Get It’, produced by Declan Sinnott (Mary Black/Christy Moore) along with her previous single ‘Place of my Resurrection’, went straight to number one in the ITunes Chart in 2021.

In the artists own words: ‘Looking after an elderly parent taught me so much about myself…I wanted to write a song for my mum when she was still with us and as she was always a big fan of Gospel music, it felt right to follow that route with this latest song. She left us around Christmastime at 95 years young. Heart & Soul is my tribute to that incredible generation of women who lived through so many huge changes in the world and stayed steady as a rock throughout.

Fiona worked with another Irish music industry heavyweight, guitarist Bill Shanley (Paul Brady/The Kinks) on her last album ‘The Beach’ which she recorded in 2017 after a hiatus that saw her concentrating on bringing up her 2 daughters after many years performing internationally and in Ireland.

Fiona was honoured to win an award from the prestigious Network Cork organization in 2021 for the resilience she showed and the passion for her music which has seen her continue as a full-time independent musician through 2 recessions in a notoriously difficult industry.

Recorded & produced by Cormac O’Connor
Maple Rooms Studio Cork.

Fiona Kennedy plays Winthrop Avenue, Cork on Sunday March 13th

Twitter; @FionaKmusic

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