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New Music from D. Cullen ‘She Is A Song’

October 6, 2021

D. Cullen closes a turbulent 2021 with the best balm that anyone could wish for.

Measured, melodic and mellifluous, “She Is A Song” is the perfect, timeless ode; a lush, strings-laden tribute of monumental proportions to the purest most innocent emotion of all. Love!

“She Is a Song is a departure for me, in that it’s a love song,” D. Cullen admits. “A no frills, full blown, romantic love song!

“I wrote the song on December 22nd, 2018. The night before I had met my friend Sinead McConville for a Christmas drink. One drink became six and we ended up in a lock-in at the pub because we didn’t want to leave. I finally made it home at around 4am with that incredible butterfly-in-the-stomach feeling that occurs when you realise you fancy someone! This song was written as a Christmas Present for her that year and is a tribute to the joy she brings to my, and everyone else’s life. Three years later we now happily live together. It worked out!

“It was mostly recorded in my apartment. Roger (who co-produced and mixed the tune) had the brilliant idea to bring a couple of guest musicians in – Anthony Clark and Ash Soan. Anthony put gorgeous string parts over the track, arranged and played entirely by himself, and Ash put down a brilliant drum part. They have played behind some of the biggest names in the world, giving me something in common with Elton John, Robbie Williams, Rod Stewart, Adele, Rick Astley, Take That, Status Quo, Dua Lipa, ABC…even Tom Cruise, since Ash worked on the Mission Impossible soundtrack! So thank you both!

“She Is A Song” means an incredible amount to me. It will always be a reminder of the first flush of love that I felt for my life partner. It will always be my song for Sinead. But if anyone who listens to it would like to use it as “their” song for their loved one, I will be deeply honoured.”

‘She Is A Song’ is out October 22nd.

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