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Kaya T Releases the Blistering R&B Bop ‘Insincere’

March 13, 2023

Irish singer-songwriter Kaya T returns with her most accomplished offering yet, in the form of her blistering new single ‘Insincere‘. Leaning on US heavyweights such as Ariana Grande & Charlie Puth for inspiration while writing this track, it feels like a gear change as Kaya T continues to win over new fans at every opportunity. Her delivery and musical ear are extremely authentic in this Pop & R’n’B space, with Insincere not feeling out of place alongside any of the aforementioned artists hits.

Speaking on the process of writing this track, Kaya T added “I love writing & story telling. I wanted to write a song from the perspective of someone who can’t get over their ex and compares everyone else to them. They’re being insincere leading someone else on, when the person who they want, doesn’t want them.

With strong support to date from Irish radio & media, Spotify editorial playlisting & being recently shortlisted for Irish Music Month on Spin 103.8, it’s an exciting time for Kaya T in her early career as she approaches her debut headline show in the Workmans Cellar, on Saturday March 25th.

‘Insincere’, the new single from Kaya T is out now.

Kaya T Socials | Workmans Cellar Tickets

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