Greenshine Release New Single Following Online Response

March 26, 2021

Very recently we put up a little homemade video of ‘Major Rift’ on Facebook and the response was astounding – thousands of views, hundreds of wonderful comments and many shares far and wide). So much so that we felt compelled to release the song as a single.” – Greenshine

Sometimes sitting on the fence in a neutral position is the best option when all around is dissension. These are difficult times, no doubt about it, that’s putting it mildly and people are understandably worried and fearful. If ever there was a time to pull together, this is it. Kindness is the default setting of the vast majority of the people of the world and ‘Major Rift’ is a plea for kindness and a steady hand at this difficult time. This planet and the people on it are a “Precious Glowing Gift” and we’ll do better pulling together than pulling apart. Ní neart go chur le cheile.

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