Glimmermen Launch ‘Here I Stand’ This Week

November 5, 2019

Glimmermen return with their third album ‘Here I Stand’, released on November 9th on vinyl only. To launch this momentous occasion they will be having a launch in The Bello Bar in Dublin this Thursday the 7th and a special performance in Tower Records on Saturday the 9th at 1.00pm.

‘Here I Stand’ and expands further the musical landscape they enthusiastically explore. Eleven songs delivered in their own inimitable style. Themes of love and loss interweave with wide-eyed melodies, creating an album all at once aghast at and in love with the world. 

As alluded to in the cover art, the stand taken is not necessarily on solid ground, as many things are at play and in flux, and themes draw parallels with life’s many dysfunctional communication platforms and the struggle to makes sense of things within and without.

However, a fine balance is achieved by the musical scaffolding of guitar, bass, drums and brass, delivering an elevational, upbeat bunch of singable songs. The album was recorded in the Meadow in Co Wicklow early this year and expands further the musical landscape created in 2016’s ‘Breakin’ Out’.

From the hopeful title track to the playful ‘It’s Nice’, to the party-at-the-end-of-the-world vibes of ‘Sleep Walkin’, this is a record that will keep you on your toes and keep them tapping. 

Tickets for The Bello Bar will be on the door only. Admission: €8 or €15 with free Vinyl LP Line-up: The Middle Ages. Panik Attaks.

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