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CMC’s Salon Series to Highlight New Irish Music

March 26, 2015

CMCThe Contemporary Music Centre continues its Spring 2015 Salon Series with an exciting programme at the Kevin Barry Room, National Concert Hall, 6pm, Tuesday, 28 April 2015. Éamonn Cagney, Niwel Tsumbu and Martin Tourish, a trio of musicians who perform regularly together invite Roger Doyle to accompany them in this new music salon programme. They will perform Water journey by Éamonn Cagney; Kind of Sean Nós by Niwel Tsumbu and The Lodge by Martin Tourish.

The Contemporary Music Centre’s Salon Series aims to encourage newcomers and enthusiasts alike to engage with the music of Irish composers. Each performance takes place in an informal atmosphere with dialogue encouraged between composers, performers and audience.

Éamonn Cagney is a percussionist and composer.  Water Journey, based on Gaelic slipjig and West African 9-8 rhythms, is opened with a solo percussion piece by Éamonn, followed by an ensemble piece with Niwel Tsumbu, Martin Tourish and Roger Doyle. It is inspired by Éamonn’s ancestral folklore of sea voyages and night time maritime atmosphere.

Niwel Tsumbu is a guitarist, vocalist, performer and composer. His composition, currently entitled Kind of Sean Nós takes it’s inspiration from the singing of Iarla Ó Lionáird and Congolese church music from Niwel’s maternal ancestry. The piece explores the fluidity and adaptability of these musical forms in the context of Ireland today.

Martin Tourish is a piano accordionist and performer – composer. His piece The Lodge is inspired by new emerging dance music forms in the traditional Irish idiom. It evokes the tradition while integrating African hand drum rhythms and exploring the concept of Irish improvised music, that is improvisation in the traditional idiom.

Admission is free for the Salon series but booking is strongly recommended. To book please contact the National Concert Hall on tel: 01 417 0000  www.nch.ie.


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