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  • “Best Days” is the new single from Power of Dreams and is available alongside album “Ausländer” which is out now

“Best Days” is the new single from Power of Dreams and is available alongside album “Ausländer” which is out now

August 11, 2021

Ausländer is the much acclaimed return from Power of Dreams and is available to on CD and digital now via The state51 Conspiracy.  The latest single is “Best Days” and written as a tribute to former band member Robbie Callan.

Recorded between Berlin, Bath, London and Arizona, Ausländer (the German word for foreigner) bears many of the hallmark sounds of one of Ireland’s most enigmatic bands of the 90s while Walker’s subsequent development as one of Europe’s busiest songsmiths is evidenced throughout.

Featuring original members Craig Walker, Keith Walker, Ian Olney and joined by producer / bassist  Erik Alcock (Pink, Celine Dion, Eminem) and on keyboard and mixing duties Ali Staton (Turin Brakes, Snow Patrol, Lightning Seeds, Madonna), Ausländer brings a wealth of musical talent to the table.

A new studio album was something we had talked about doing over the years but the timing and problems of us all living in different countries, meant it never happened. When everything closed in March 2020, suddenly those hurdles of geography and time no longer mattered. It was a window of opportunity that was too good to pass up. I’d been putting songs to one side over the years, as they were obviously Power of Dreams songs,” said Craig.

“The reaction from fans has been great since we started releasing the singles last year. ‘America’ and ‘Across The Shannon’ topped the iTunes indie charts, then ‘Hurricane’ was used in the TV show, Made in Chelsea and now “Do It” has been doing really well on radio and the fans love it. We have received numerous messages from lifelong fans of the band thanking us for doing a new album. We believe the new album will satisfy long time followers of the band and hopefully introduce a new audience to our music.”

Order the new album and tickets for the shows from powerofdreams.ie.

Ausländer is a grower which keeps giving with every listen, so set aside your preconceptions and dare to dream once again.” – The Irish News.
“Bands come, bands go? Of course they do, but in PoD we continue to trust.– The Irish Times.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/powerofdreamsofficial
Instagram: instragram.com/powerofdreamsofficial
Twitter: twitter.com/powerofdreams30

Tour dates
March 12th – Mike The Pies, Listowel.
March 13th – Cyrpus Ave, Cork.
March 15th – Whelans, Dublin.
March 17th – The 100 Club, London.

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