Davey Long Captures Current Climate Crisis in ‘Flesh & Blood’

October 7, 2021

Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Davey Long has written about the fragility of life in his latest single, Flesh & Blood.

Flesh and Blood delivers a timely message about the current climate crisis and the precious and fleeting nature of our time on earth.

Flesh & Blood dips into alt rock with a hint of bass and drum influences, all while maintaining a heavy groove that shifts dynamics throughout the song and reaches a crescendo at the finale.  Critics have likened the single to old school pop-rock, with notable David Bowie, Pink Floyd and U2 influences.

Accompanied by a music video which features juxtaposed shots of the great outdoors, Flesh & Blood is a tribute to nature, life and its preciousness.

The song features a reputable line of musicians taking the reins on the tracks, including Dave Gough on bass, Rob Larkin on keys, Shane O’Dwyer and Eoin Drennan on guitar and James Delahunty on synth.

Davey adds his stylistic vocals to the mix while also taking the lead on production.  Martin Quinn did the mix and additional production at Jam Studios.

Flesh & Blood is one of three singles teased off Davey’s upcoming debut album, Eitilt, also out on 8th October 2021.  Eitilt features notable contributions from many fine Irish musicians including Kealan Kenny and Sara Ryan.

Ride The Wave, the first single from the album Eitilt, has received ample airtime.  Last Train To Tupelo, its sophomore release, has featured on numerous Spotify playlists.

‘The composition is laced with gorgeous guitars and hearty piano solos, while Long’s vocal performance is effortlessly infectious and feel-good’ – Kilkenny People

With three tracks under his belt, Davey is gearing up for an exciting album launch this October 2021.

Davey has appeared on several distinguished albums including Celtic Woman’s GRAMMY nominated Destiny and The Fundamentals Past and Present Collide. He has toured extensively with The Kilkennys and his song, Lampedusa, has been featured by the charity Open Arms in their social media campaigns highlighting the current migrant crisis in the Mediterranean.


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