Ultan Conlon’s ‘World From A Window’ Out 3rd July

June 29, 2020

Ultan Conlon’s ‘World From A Window’, released July 3rd featuring GRAMMY Award Winners Sean and Sara Watkins.

‘World From A Window’ could easily have been written about the lockdown due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. A song written about Ultan’s house cat (Kitty) watching cars pass, birds fly by and the world move along, all from the safety of her front room window.

As the song presented itself to Ultan it became clear that we all experience life in a similar way, except through the windows of our phones, “in the safety of my home.” Conlon comes to the conclusion the cats view is a more meditative experience than that her human counterpart.

Maria Eugenia is a famous Brazilian Artist and illustrator who has collaborated with Ultan to make a beautiful Lyric Video to accompany ‘World From A Window’.

It is dedicated to those who sat on their couches and waited.

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