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Lisa Keane shares new single ‘Unravelling’

April 21, 2023

Lisa Keane is a Dublin based singer/songwriter. Lisa began songwriting around the age of 13 after learning about a music course for teens which focused on songwriting, recording and performance. This course sparked her interest in songwriting and Lisa has been writing her own songs since.

In 2019, she graduated from BIMM Dublin with a BA in Commercial Modern Music and Songwriting. Inspired by artists such as Taylor Swift and Griff, Lisa blends elements from different genres to create her own distinctive sound.

On 20th April she released her latest single Unravelling.

Unravelling is about running into someone unexpectedly and quickly trying to figure out where you stand with them romantically. You’re trying not to get too close or let them in because you know that it won’t work out or will be bad for you but something about them keeps pulling you back in. 

“I wrote ‘Unravelling’ years ago and I remember it being one of those sort of songs that just pours out of you. When I wrote it, I was just messing around with a few chords on the guitar and then started playing the picking pattern that the song begins with.

I knew that when it came to the production that Sam Stevenson (who produced Concrete Jungle and this is how it feels) would capture exactly how I wanted it to sound. One of the songs that was used as a reference for the production was ‘Skinning Dipping’ by Sabrina Carpenter. I wanted the lyrics and vocals to be the focal point of the song and I think Sam did an amazing job building the track around them. I also love how it starts off with the same guitar pattern/chords that I originally wrote the song to. We actually worked on this track remotely over zoom as Sam is based in Belfast now and I’m in Dublin. Adam Shanahan mixed the song and it was mastered by Richard Dowling”. 

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