New Release from The Grey Merchant

October 29, 2021

Cork based recording collaborative, The Grey Merchant, return with details of a new single release, ‘Mondegreen Blue’ which goes on release November 24 2021 on Spotify, iTunes, and the usual digital platforms.

‘Mondegreen Blue’ is their latest single taken from a forthcoming EP due for release in early 2022. It is a rousing dynamic track about  recovery and realising how far one has come from, moving on from a cinereal place


 ‘a rousing first look at what to expect from the Grey Merchant… …It’ll get the juices flowing and the blood boiling’ –

‘Once you let yourself succumb to the crisp edgy sting and moody undertone you become swallowed and consumed in the tireless relentless onslaught of the meandering entwining coil of The Grey Merchant’s unique and fantastic masterpiece.’

‘the group takes a vivid and spellbinding rhythm section and gives it a raw and human energy that’s hard to resist.’

‘a wonderfully powerful tune and if this is the taste of things to come then The Grey Merchant will be worth looking out for in 2017’ -Bobby Green

‘Artfully encompassing elements of rock, post-punk and grunge’–

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