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Lisa Murray Releases Hard-Hitting Reflection on Womanhood with Upcoming Single ‘Woman in a World’

November 11, 2022

“It made me feel really unsafe and angry that my safety cannot be guaranteed because of my gender.”

Pop singer and devout feminist pours emotion into hard-hitting new release ‘Woman in a World,’ motivated by a spate of violence against women in the UK and Ireland, followed quickly by the overturning of Roe vs. Wade in the USA.

County Meath songstress Lisa Murray has been inspiring headlines with relatable and catchy singles, ‘i unfollowed u’ and ‘if I ever see you again,’ striking a chord with listeners across Ireland and beyond, earning over three million impacts on Irish radio and spots in the Top 10 Irish Radio Breakers Chart, the Top 200 Irish Shazam Chart and huge critical acclaim, with Spin 1038 hailing her as “one to watch.”

Having heard, in quick succession, multiple heartbreaking stories in the press about murders and violence against women, Lisa tried to craft a tweet, a post or an Instagram story about her feelings. Finding this inadequate, she turned eventually to write in her most natural and authentic way, in the form of a song. With lyrics written predominantly in January 2022, ‘Woman in a World’ was updated with a second verse later in the year, after the Supreme Court in the US overturned Roe vs. Wade abortion rights law.

“‘Woman in a World’ is a reflection of the inner thoughts and feelings I have as a woman in today’s day and age.  At a time when biases, sexism & brutal violence against women still happens across the globe, this song is an uncomfortable expression of the things people don’t talk openly about. My aspiration for the song is to raise awareness about the fears and frustrations of the women of this world for those who don’t understand them. Unfortunately, many women will resonate with the feelings and themes expressed in the song. I also hope this song will strike a chord with them, and help them know they are not alone.”  

With a strong feminist streak and huge passion about women’s issues such as abortion rights, violence against women, rape culture, the gender pay gap, and any issues pertaining to the lack of safety and support for women in the world, Lisa devotes a lot of her time towards closing the gender gap in the music industry, heading up the Dublin Chapter of shesaid.so and having worked closely with She Knows Tech over the years.

With influences such as Taylor Swift, Sigrid and MARINA, and accompanied by a solemn piano, expressive strings and simple bass and drums, Lisa laments over the fears and frustrations faced by many women in today’s day and age. ‘Woman in a World’ is the first single to be released from forthcoming EP “Empty Heart” (due out in early 2023) and is Lisa’s most collaborative project thus far. Having travelled to Edinburgh to record at Chamber Studio, she worked with recording and mix engineer Graeme Young, bassist Mandy Clarke, drummer Davide Rinaldi and guitarist/string arranger Marty Hailey to bring the vision and essence of the song to life. Lisa has recorded a video to accompany the single, amplifying the loneliness and emotion of being a woman in this world, set for release on 18th November.

Lisa holds a Masters degree in Music Production, Technology and Innovation from the world-renowned Berklee College of Music as well as an undergraduate degree in Music and Irish from Trinity College Dublin. Alongside her musical work, Lisa works as an Audio Engineer at Sony Music Entertainment.



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