Lisa McHugh’s ‘The Scandal’ Out Now

February 21, 2020

Following years of writing, recording and time on the road. Lisa McHugh decided to take some time out, reflect on what her next move is and spend some over-due time in the studio.

During this time out from the public eye, people became very curious as to why she wasn’t so available. As time passed, rumours started to be thrown about and became more and more scandalous! People reached out asking if any of these elaborate rumours were true, and at this point all Lisa could do was laugh and put pen to paper.

‘The Scandal’ addresses the many rumours that were swirling around.

Having spent some time in Nashville and inspired by the rich musical culture there, Lisa discovered the sound she wanted to develop in her forthcoming new music. This time away from the public eye she spent re-crafting and nurturing her new sound.

Lisa co-wrote the single with collaborators Katrina Burgoyne and Jake Anderson and the track was produced by Philip Magee.

Keep an eye out as ‘The Scandal’ unfolds and for all Lisa news follow her social media accounts.


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