Joe Chester Announces New Double A-Side Single

November 26, 2021

On Friday December 3rd, Joe Chester releases “Turner Watercolour Eyes”, a double A-Side single containing a new re-imagining of ‘Dark Haired Mistress’ and a 2021 remix of ‘Maybe This Is Not Love’

‘Dark Haired Mistress’ originally featured on Joe’s 2011 album, ‘Hope Against Hope’ while ‘Maybe This Is Not Love’ was the lead track on 2008’s ‘The Tiny Pieces Left Behind’.’

Joe Chester says;

‘The Tiny Peces Left Behind’ was my second solo album and while at the time I resisted the concept of the notorious “difficult second album syndrome,” it’s true that looking back now, I can see that the process of making it (after the success of ‘A Murder Of Crows’) was pretty tortuous.

It was the classic case of accumulating more and more material without ever making decisions until it became this behemoth that I couldn’t face mixing.

My old friend David Odlum (The Frames) had just set up in Black Box studios in France and he valiantly made a version with some input from the legendary Iain Burgess and some others tried too until in the end that old adage that “Albums are never finished, just abandoned,” came true.

With a release date deadline looming, I threw myself into it and did the best I could. Truth be told, I’ve never been happy with the result, hence, 13 years later and with the undeniable advances in digital recording technology, I felt it was time to test the water.

‘Dark Haired Mistress’ is a song I’ve always liked from what was definitely a transitional period between ‘She Darks Me’ and ‘The Easter Vigil’. I felt I didn’t get it right at the time of recording – it never quite came into focus. That happens, sometimes you just miss it. I took the old version, scrapped some parts, added new piano, guitars and strings and remixed it like that. “

‘Turner Watercolour Eyes’ will be available from Friday December 3rd exclusively on

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