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Inside I’m Dancing – New Release by Mike Hanrahan (Stockton’s Wing)

June 23, 2022

Mike has been a central figure in Irish music industry for over four decades as writer and musician with the ground breaking contemporary Irish music band Stockton’s Wing, as producer/writer with the legendary Ronnie Drew, as an advocate on the front line for songwriters rights and in recent years as a very successful professional cook of all things organic and author of his critically acclaimed shortlisted memoir ‘Beautiful Affair, A Journey in music, food and friendship’  published by Harper Collins. He is back at home now in his box room writing new songs or touring, as a solo artist, with Stockton’s Wing, Eleanor Shanley and the odd gig with Leslie Dowdall.

He has created his first full animated music video to accompany the release.

A new album with his friend and producer Gavin Glass ‘Songs from the box room’ is due later this year.

On Inside I’m Dancing. “Believe it or not I started writing this song twelve years ago. I had just about dragged myself out of an emotional bear pit and I wanted to mark the transition. Then an exciting career in food unfolded, consuming all my creative energy. After returning to the music a couple of years ago I was somehow drawn back to this song. It seemed to me it deserved completion. All those years later and the message was more powerful than ever. There is nothing like reaching that magical space where you feel comfortable enough to say – “I’m kickin off my shoes to dance this night away cause inside, inside I’m dancing. I am also delighted to present my first animation video. I love animation with songs as it allows you to delve deeper into the layers writing. This is my first attempt, but I absolutely loved the entire process.”

Produced and arranged by Gavin Glass and Mike Hanrahan at Orphan Studios Wexford is out on June 24th 2022









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