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Arrow In The Sky return with new single My Sunshine

December 16, 2022

Arrow In The Sky is the songwriting partnership of midlands based singer Conor McCauley and multi-instrumentalist Brian Murphy. The duo return with brand new music after a seven-year hiatus with My Sunshine, the first single from the forthcoming self-titled Arrow In The Sky album.

“The lyrics are an exploration of the darker side of love. When desire oversteps into jealousy and then veers into obsession. but ultimately it is just a good stomping blues song,” said Brian. Darker themes and subjects are often the fodder for the songwriting endeavours of Arrow. Something traditional folk songs have never shied away from in the past. “It’s probably better to explore these things as characters in songs as oppose one’s own real life,” said Conor.

The lyrics are set to a violent sonic palette of distorted and growling slide guitars as well as packed with some tight bass grooves. Conor’s vocal stylings have often been likened to Neil Young and Rufus Wainwright. A singer who is very comfortable scaling the heights of the upper vocal register. Wayne Walsh of heavy metal act Atheos and traditional Irish  fusion band Alp Luachra lends his considerable talent to drumming duties for this track. “Wayne’s parts brought a very considered awareness to the song. He listened to the track and tuned into the idiosyncrasies of our playing,” said Brian. “It would not have sounded the same without him. His musical background seemed to lend itself well to our unorthodox sound and way of playing,” explained Conor.

My Sunshine is on all major streaming platforms from today via Cellar D’Or Records.

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