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IMRO JOB VACANCY  | Membership & Licensing Executive

August 5, 2021

Application: Please send a CV and covering letter outlining how you meet the criteria for the role to
Salary: On request
12 Month Fixed Term Contract
Deadline for applications is 5.00pm Thursday 12th August 2021.

Membership & Licensing Executive

Purpose of Job

To contribute to the provision of an efficient membership service by administering various systems relating to members’ profiles as well as liaising with members and licensees both proactively and reactively in order to build and maintain strong relations between IMRO and its members and licensees. To raise awareness of IMRO in the marketplace and promote effective communications with our members and licensees.

Job Context and Content

There is one job holder who is assigned to the Marketing & Membership Department.

Principal Accountabilities

  • Guiding members through any documents or procedures they need to complete in relation to their membership and ensuring that members understand what they need to do to benefit fully from their IMRO membership.
  • Entering data in relation to members and maintaining information to ensure accuracy of IMRO distributions e.g. member info, bank details, etc.
  • Dealing with general queries from IMRO members and passing information on to the Team Leader of the relevant distribution team to ensure that member issues are dealt with in a timely fashion.
  • Contacting members in a proactive manner to ensure that their international live / broadcast performances are tracked accurately and to work closely with the International Department to increase overseas income.
  • Contacting members in a proactive manner to inform them of any IMRO events which may be of interest to them and acknowledging any achievements made by the member.
  • Organising and speaking at events such as songwriting workshops, seminars and showcases to create a higher awareness of IMRO.
  • Promote and improve IMRO’s Self-Service and Self-Licensing online tool for prospective and current licences and propose enhancements to user interface.
  • Develop communications and marketing initiatives (using digital marketing and social media) relevant to licensing activity to ultimately drive an increase in DML penetration.
  • Deliver communications plan to positively influence public perception of IMRO.
  • Increase Licensee awareness of the importance of remunerating music creators for the commercial use of their work.
  • Liaise closely with the Membership and Licensing Teams to ensure that all IMRO messaging is clear, consistent and on brand.
  • Engage with Licensee representative bodies to take advantage of their marketing inventory to promote IMRO (e.g. VFI, LVA, Restaurants Association of Ireland).
  • Generate and implement ideas to increase Licensee engagement on various media (including social media) and digital platforms.
  • Understand the requirements of Licensees to ensure more value-added initiatives can be developed and delivered.
  • Keep up-to-date with current digital trends, evaluate new technologies and suggest new ideas to enhance Marketing strategy.
  • Support the acquisition of new Licensees and manage existing client relationships.
  • Engage with existing broadcast partners to promote IMRO to national audiences.
  • Maintaining IMRO websites including, its various social media platforms and ensuring content is monitored and updated regularly.
  • Assistance with IMRO’s sponsorship and advertising activities in relation to music events such as festivals, awards, etc.
  • Administering IMRO advertising assets, both print and online, and ensuring that the content of the advertisements is kept up to date.
  • Continuous monitoring of members and licensees through surveys to gain feedback on our relations with these groups.
  • Raising the profile of IMRO with customers and potential customers through events and campaigns directed at IMRO customers and through attendance at industry trade fairs.
  • Undertaking such other duties as may be assigned by management from time to time.
  1. Principal Working Contacts

    Marketing & Membership Director on a daily basis with regard to personal and department target and Commercial Director – Public Performance in relation to licensee campaigns and initiatives.
  • Distribution Team Leaders & Executives
    On a regular basis in relation to royalty queries and general issues regarding members.
  • Affiliate Societies
    On a regular basis in relation to writer member transfers to or from affiliate societies.
  • IMRO Members
    On a daily basis re member queries. Also proactively seeking work registrations, set lists or other information from members required to complete a distribution.
  • Major User Groups
    Eg. LVA, VFI, Irish Hotel Federation as required in relation to advertising campaigns.
  • Music Bodies
    Eg. Contemporary Music Centre, Screen Composers Guild of Ireland, the Arts Council, The Association of Irish Composers, FMC etc. in relation to organising events or schemes relevant to the particular body.
  • Press Contacts
    As required in relation to sponsorship, advertising and promotion of IMRO.
  • IMRO Customers
    From time to time at events organised to engage with our customers.
  1. Challenges Faced
    To ensure that any queries raised by members are rectified and responded to as quickly as possible.

To generate an enhanced level of satisfaction within our membership with regard to service levels provided and the value of royalty payments made.

  1. Planning and Organising
    The overall planning is decided by the Marketing & Membership Director and the Commercial Director – Public Performance. However, the holder is expected to be self-motivated and show a high degree of initiative.
  2. Direction Received
    Job holder works within the guidelines set out in the current Marketing & PR Plan. Difficult issues are referred to the Director of Marketing & Membership or Commercial Director – Public Performance.
  3. Knowledge and Experience
    Job holders should have strong organisational abilities and possess keen attention to detail.
  • The holder is also required to have excellent communication skills.
  • Familiarity with all elements of Microsoft Office is required and some web design and digital marketing experience is desirable.
  • Holders should be able to work as a team as well as working on their own initiative.
  • A firm knowledge of music and issues relating to the music industry, both domestic and international is essential.
  1. Review of Job Description
    This job description relates to the position as it exists in August 2021. It will be reviewed at the end of each year at the annual appraisal and quarterly appraisals will also be carried out.

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