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Zapho Releases Her Second Single of the Year

March 20, 2020

Singer, songwriter and producer Zapho is set to release her second single of the year after the successful release of her alt-pop collaboration with Ryan O’Shaugnessy. ‘Fight Me’ is written, produced and performed by Zapho and will be released on 20th March, followed by an accompanying video on 3rd April. ‘Fight Me’, a mid-tempo groove laden track, tells the story of a strong modern woman. The sultry lyrics portray a hustler with money in the bank, respected and adored by her friends and fans, calling out her haters and asking ‘which one of you will fight me?’

As a female producer, Zapho herself is already in a minority and she challenges notions of stereotypical femininity with every release. True to Zapho’s aesthetic, the woman in the song is also an underdog with a queer aesthetic and an LGBT influence, a character who sets herself apart from the binary ideal of mainstream beauty. ‘Fight Me’ is symbolic of female empowerment and drives the point home that anyone can have a fighter inside.

Zapho says, “‘Fight Me’ was one of the most enjoyable songs to write. I’ve been experimenting more as a producer and coming into my own style, having fun with themes and groove based instrumentation. I included a little brass section to tip my hat to the Rocky movies and the theme song, ‘Eye Of The Tiger’. I made my fighter more sleazy and flashy, a rags to riches storyline about being at the top of your game.

Rising star Zapho (Ele Breslin) is a 26-year-old singer-songwriter-producer. In 2019 she released two singles, ‘Do Like I Do’ and ‘Water Me’ and recorded her debut album. ‘100 Ways’ was her first single of 2020, a collaboration with Ryan O’Shaughnessy. ‘100 Ways’ achieved considerable success, making HotPress’ Track of the Day and Nialler9’s Best Songs of the Week, as well as a premiere with GCN, and spots on two English Spotify playlists, R&B UK and Spotify Chill. ‘100 Ways’ has also been played on BBC Sounds and ATL BBC Ulster.

Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, Zapho upcoming Whelan’s show on April 10th is cancelled along with the tour planned for May. She hopes to re-schedule all live shows later this year.

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