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We March Release New Single ‘Wake’

May 10, 2021

Cork-based international “genre-straddlers” We March is delighted to release their second single ‘Wake’ from their critically acclaimed debut album ‘Fight or Flight’ on Friday 28th May 2021. Released at the tail end of 2020 ‘Fight or Flight’ was called “A Genuine Work of Art” by Hot Press Magazine and “Beautiful, mesmeric and stunning” by Camille O’Sullivan, as well as being included in the Hot Press Top 100 Highly Recommended Albums of 2020.

While the dark and beautiful lead single ‘Bones’ provided a preview to the depths on offer from this truly exceptional band with a real international edge, our second single ‘Wake’ picks up where ‘Bones’ leaves off but takes a different path with a gleefully perverse approach to Irish funerial rituals.

It’s the drinking, isn’t it,” says songwriter John Paul FitzGerald, “We seem to find a joy and catharsis in over-doing it at a wake.  It seems to me to be a form of emotional release and blow-out.  Then there are the people that have little or no connection to you at all who come out of the woodwork for a drinking session. Everyone has an elderly relative who ‘loves a good funeral’. It’s all very strange and a little perverse if you think about it.

Italian lead singer, Debora Calzaccia, says of her joyously over the top tour-de-force vocals, “I love my vocals on this track, especially in the chorus.  We had other takes that were technically more precise, but this was the one we went with.  It has a really manic, punky energy to it which gives the song an even greater boost.”

The band outdid themselves on this song,” remembers Debora. “In the verse Gael’s sea-sick cello, Mohamed’s restrained fiddle and John Paul’s creeping piano give a real sense of menace. And then there is that explosion to the chorus, with Cathal’s drumming and tempo chant, along with the full throttle instrumentation landing the punches to give the loud-quiet-loud dynamics, like the Pixies collaborating with Kurt Weill.

Edwin McFee of Hot Press hilariously said the following about ‘Wake’: “The waltzing, gleefully O.T.T. ‘Wake’ is a highlight – if the cast of What We Do In The Shadows ever entered the Eurovision, then this is the song they should pick.”  The band wholly agrees and would happily petition Johnny Logan for the opportunity!!

‘Wake’ is released on Friday 28th May 2021.







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