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Vale Returns With New Single ‘Allow and Breach’

November 12, 2021

Rising electro-pop artist Vale returns on Friday 12th November with the beautifully atmospheric single, ‘Allow and Breach’.

The Tipperary-based producer and vocalist has been quietly building his catalogue and prolifically testing the waters with previous singles like ‘Tore It Down’ and ‘The Sun Is My Filter’. Collaborating with people like Nashville-based producer Owen Lewis, Icelandic musician Sin Fang (of the band Seabear) and producer, multi-instrumentalist David O’Connor, Vale is the new project of Eoin Hally, who will be familiar to many from his previous band, Pale Rivers.

Although Vale is yet to play live, having been conceptualised just before the dawn of lockdown in Ireland, the USA and Iceland, an incredible electronic live show is in the works with a full four piece band that includes Alex Ridley (HousePlants, Daithí) on drums, David O’Connor (Pale Rivers, The Workshop Studio) on Ableton and samples duty, Kate Twohig on piano and OP1 and Hally himself on vocals and, as he puts it, a whole bunch of synths.

Speaking about ‘Allow and Breach’, Vale says:  “’Allow and Breach’ is about inner conflict. It’s about wanting, more than anything, to give someone more than you can ultimately offer, and accepting this reality that we are bound by. The realisation that in a moment of crisis, when someone you love is in danger, the only role you can play is that of being there, in the moment. When no one else is.”

Without a doubt, Vale is Hally’s most striking musical project to date; one that showcases honed writing skills and production that isn’t afraid to push boundaries, but nor is it afraid to show restraint. The result is expansive music that is as lush as it is sparse, with just the right level of restraint in between crescendos. This is music that is crying out to be experienced underneath a stretch tent, resplendent with an immersive AV show.

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