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Twin Diver Share ‘Sweet Sick’ Single

April 21, 2021

Irish post-punk duo Twin Diver were born out of necessity. The pair packed up for London last year to work on new material and play the circuit. Unfortunately, their plans were cut short when the world closed down within a matter of weeks. During this period, the pair found themselves temporarily stranded with nothing but a bass guitar and a midi controller. From this desolate environment came a new sound and a new beginning for Twin Diver.

New single ‘Sweet Sick’ is the epitome of cool, overflowing with Joy Division-esque production and conjuring up images of basement dancefloors in better times. In the artists’ own words, the track takes a “comically negative” approach to matters of employment, purpose, and social standing –

“Sweet Sick is about boredom and existential dread. A lot of my friends who are also in their early 20s have talked about not knowing what they’re “supposed” to be doing with their lives. Trying to plan your life is a losing game at the best of times, but given the pandemic I think that feeling was exacerbated for many people, including us.”

’Television’ is released on 23 April

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