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Trick Mist Shares His New Video for ‘Boring Bread’ and Announces His UK & Irish Tour

August 26, 2022

Irish songwriter, multi instrumentalist and producer Gavin Murray, aka Trick Mist, shares his new video for ‘Boring Bread’ and announces his UK & Irish tour. His new album ‘The Hedge Maze and The Spade’ will be released September 21st via Pizza Pizza Records preorder here.

Boring Bread is a song centered around a memory of an everyday experience with his Grandmother. About the song Trick Mist says “Boring Bread is a song about going to the shop with my Nan to buy bread as a child. It’s an exploration of mundane things’ mysterious capacity to be filled with romance and beauty. I based the song around a sound which acted as a microcosm for this enduring and always in need of celebrating phenomenon; the bread slicer machine in Lidl.”

The video for the song was entrusted to Graham Patterson.

This is the third installment of Trick Mist’s ongoing music video and podcast series ‘Tracing Places’ (funded by the Arts Council of Ireland). The project involves 4 artists making 4 videos for 4 new songs and an adjoining 4 part podcast series hosted by Trick Mist. ‘I’ve been working with these amazing artists in an unusual way. The artists were given full creative control over their art, making music videos based purely on their reaction to the song. Basically how it worked was I would send the artist the song and the lyrics. That was it. I would offer no directives. I see the video when it’s finished. Simple as that! My ambition is to emphasise individual perception, place it on a platform and celebrate it.’‘ When the works are completed I will host a stand alone 4 part podcast series. Each podcast will essentially be a discussion with the artist about the work created, their ideas behind the video, their interpretation of the song and my ideas behind the song. We’ll really try and tease out the intersection (if any) between us. There might not be any and that’s cool too. It’s all to play for. This will be the first time our concepts will meet. We’re going to communicate them here, on the podcast, out in the open.’ Videos and adjoining podcasts releasing from April 2022 onwards.

Participating artists: Katie Ball (Just Mustard), Bob Gallagher (Lankum, Villagers, Gilla Band, Junior Brother) Graham Patterson (The Mary Wallopers, Junk Drawer, Bleeding Heart Pigeons, Post-Punk Podge & The Technohippies) and Donal Dineen (David Gray, Katie Kim, ‘This Ain’t No Disco’ Music Series)

Science tells us that our ability to remember the past and our ability to imagine the future are deeply intertwined. Trick Mist’s second full-length The Hedge Maze and The Spade sees him remember and imagine in equal measure. Catapulted into a period of forced introspection after the death of his 96 year old grandmother with whom he shared a remarkably close relationship. The album’s initial impulse was a quest to explore and understand this relationship as it passed into a new phase. ‘I was always wrecking her head asking her about things in her life and old ways of living. She was always very insightful about what felt like another world to me. When she died I thought I needed to continue the exploration and figure out what lessons can I take from our experience together and how can I implement them into my future. In the face of big challenges like the climate crisis maybe we can learn something from older generations.’

Sonically the album is strikingly ambient and meditative and sees more relied use of space and melody. Trade mark experimentalism is plain to see in organic-sample laden electronic productions but also finds new expression lyrically and in the more traditional realm of folk singing. Oddity and accessibility share a harmonious platform.

The Hedge Maze and The Spade is a layered tapestry, a therapeutic space, a travel log of an inner journey with many universal truths along the way.

Trick Mist Ireland and UK tour

  • London: Fri 7th Oct / Old Blue Last w/support Fixity (solo) (Scruff of The Neck Presents)
  • Manchester: Sat 8th Oct / Castle Hotel w/support Fixity (solo) (Scruff of The Neck Presents)
  • Glasgow: Sun 9th oct / Nice N Sleazy w/support Fixity (solo)
  • Dundalk: Tue 18th Oct / Spirit Store w/support Video Blue
  • Dublin: Wed 19th Oct / The Workman’s Cellar w/support Howlbux (Foggy Notions Presents)
  • Limerick: Fri 21st Oct / Pharmacia w/support Howlbux (L.A.S.A Presents)
  • Cork : Sun 23rd Oct / Coughlan’s w/support Howlbux (Tombstome Presents)


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