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The Nation Mourns Releases New Single ‘Laura’

June 10, 2022

‘Laura’ is a song about finding yourself and being true to the person inside. Letting your private self come to the surface and showing it’s okay to be vulnerable.

Usually when the song is performed live it is interpreted as a love song, and the question “so, who is Laura?” is always asked with a cheeky grin. Although there is no “Laura” there is certainly a person inside everyone we are looking to bring to the surface.

The Nation Mourns is the current musical endeavour of Irish songwriter Neil O’Shea. Growing up with a wide range of blues and rock influence, it was the haunting timbre of artists such as Tom Waits, Nick Drake, Jackson C Frank, and Damien Jurado that drew him to songwriting. This has led him to lyrics of landscapes and leaving for home; while subtle, melancholic melodies draw you ever further into the music.

In 2021 The Nation Mourns was selected as a showcasing artist at Ireland Music Week 2021. He is currently based in Berlin, recording his debut album “Remember/Leaving” with producer and Universal Music Publishing artist Cameron James Laing.


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