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The Barnets Set to Release New Single ‘El Presidente’

June 1, 2022

The Barnets are David Dooley, James Delahunty, and Davey Long. They are a three piece group of Irish musicians. The Barnets are located in Ireland and California. They collaborate across continents, sending music back and forth via file transfer. Their creative process is driven by a mutual respect for songwriting and production. Lyricist David Dooley, multi-instrumentalist/producer James Delahunty, and drummer/percussionist Davey Long have crafted a debut album and are now readying it for release in 2022.

The Barnets debut album Archaic is a ten song collection that showcases both imagination and songwriting craft. As an album, it is a compelling listening experience, often surprising with deft lyrical and musical turns. Archaic is informed by the work of Orwell and Kubrick and its sound is cinematic and ambitious in scope. Guitars, drums, and vocals are interwoven with tabla, synth, and live strings and the result is an expansive tableau. However, the songs are never subjugated by the treatments and this is perhaps the key to The Barnets’ working principle on Archaic…that songs matter.

El Presidente is the group’s opening salvo from their debut album. It is a dynamic single and a brave statement of intent. Its opening dystopian menace gives way to a trip hop break that builds to a dramatic crescendo. Lyrically too, it is an example of the album’s multi-faceted nature. Every line is a suggestion that leads the listener by their imagination, through myriad doors and rooms that are always open. Archaic is an album unrestricted by literalism. It is a work of imagination and ambition. Long live The Barnets.

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