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Strings & Things Set to Release New Spin On ‘Take the Time’

September 12, 2022

Irish up and coming Neo-Trad band Strings & Things are set to release their third installment off their highly anticipated Re: Works EP, “Take The Time”.

“Take The Time” tells a story of a musician’s perspective of being a band on the road. It talks about how sometimes even when you are out and about, doing what you love. It can also take its toll on you both mentally and physically. It also speaks quite freely of the wonder that the gigging road holds. Seeing new places, meeting new people and just enjoying the world as it’s being presented to you. The single will be the third edition of the band’s current project. “Take The Time” originally featured on the first original album, Turbulence in 2017.

With the meaning behind the lyrics of the song, I felt that it deserved a bright, wholesome sound. I found using the guitar as my guide in the middle, and pairing it with a warm bass tone and sharp mandolin tone that it would sit evenly in the mix, and it did!

My favorite part of the whole track is just before the last chorus where everything is in full swing and how the mandolin, which I used light distortion on, paired with the “Oohs” really helped to deliver a totally magical music extravaganza.

Band Percussionist and backing vocalist Eoin Shelly says “This song was an interesting one to write. Mainly because it was written while sitting on the side of a lonely road on a very rainy night as I waited for a music session to finish up. I just sat back a thought about my gigging life at the time and it’s amazing when you start putting pen to paper, how quick the story unfolds’’

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