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Sophie Doyle Ryder Announces New Single ‘Hunni Hunni’

September 15, 2021

Rising Irish Pop Star Sophie Doyle Ryder is excited to release the first track ‘Hunni Hunni’ from her debut EP this Friday, September 17th. The 19 year old singer-songwriter from Dublin has drawn comparisons to Rihanna, Ariana Grande and Anne Marie.

Sophie’s fun-loving and free personality is expressed in the writing of ‘Hunni Hunni’. Her passion for writing bright, infectious and relatable songs is evident when listening to the fun lyrics in ‘Hunni Hunni’; I just want to live foreva, party til I can’t remember. Sophie describes ‘Hunni Hunni’ as the ultimate party anthem.  “I’m beyond excited for the world to forget their troubles and dance along to ‘Hunni Hunni’! I hope it brings people as much joy as it brought me to sing and write”. Sophie loves artists such as Ariana Grande, Benee, Griff and Dua Lipa. The authenticity of these artists is what inspires Sophie’s performance style and song-writing.  She finds all aspects of music as a form of therapy.

Along with writing and recording  her EP, Sophie is excited to announce she has signed with Paradigm Agency (Billie Eilish, Take That).  Sophie is set to enjoy a major 2021 and 2022 with a tour in the works after her debut Headline gig in Whelan’s, Dublin on October 30th.

Sophie’s debut EP ‘Beginner’s Luck’  is full of  chart-worthy hits. ‘Beginner’s Luck’ depicts a new chapter in Sophie’s life and ‘Hunni Hunni’ reflects her ability to let go of the seriousness in the world and just live in the moment. She feels that ‘Beginner’s Luck’ really shows who she is an artist and it was written during a crazy time in her life. The debut EP gives a full 360 view on relationship situations for the young artist; You can really feel the rollercoaster of emotions throughout. Beginner’s Luck is a timeline of the Summer of 2021 for Sophie and holds a special place in her heart. It is an expression of the transition period in life as the young singer finishes school and prepares for her future; It feels like to perfect time to release this EP”.

Sophie’s previous releases have earned over 13 million Irish radio impacts in 2020 and have peaked at no. 3 in the Irish Breakers Chart. She remains as ‘One To Watch’ by many. In addition to international Spotify playlist placements, she has received airplay in the UK, USA and Australia.

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Photo credit: Ray Keogh

Beginner’s Luck EP was supported by First Music Contact MISC grant

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