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SomeRiseSomeFall Announce the Release of their EP ‘Merengal’

July 12, 2021

SomeRiseSomeFall is an independent community of songwriters, musicians, and creatives. The ever-evolving collective brings together artists and vocalists all with the aim to interpret & reimagine songs for unique new recordings. Their most recent album ‘No Simple Highway’ released in February 2021 was an album of the week on a number of radio stations and was released to unanimously positive reviews. They hope to perform the album to live audiences later in the year.

The 3-track EP ‘Merrengal’ due out on July 16th and features multi-instrumentalist Martin Leahy whose recent releases ‘The Wolves In The Valle’ and ‘Song For Kirsty MacColl’ have received heavy airplay.

Alongside ‘No Simple Highway’, SomeRiseSomeFall’s album on loss, grief and enduring love, SomeRiseSomeFall recorded this eclectic mix of 3 songs featuring co-founder Martin Leahy. The songs range from beat-heavy pysch-folk to country to traditional folk: in other words from the genre of music all the way across the musical spectrum to the genre of music. Music and art are natural connections and so genres are only unnatural divisions.

‘No Simple Highway’ and its predecessor ‘Some Climb’ examine the high and low tides of life while this release charts the less extreme points, the neap tides, where beauty and inspiration can still be found.

Inspired by two sketches by renowned artist Bridget Flannery “Neap Tide XXV” and “Neap Tide XXVI” The songs within the collection, although superficially unconnected, gather various threads of music that SomeRiseSomeFall project director Michael Fitzgerald picked up like neglected flotsam in small cove from the ocean of music and celebrate beauty, connection and friendship as each song and its history have connections for the seven people involved in its creation Martin Leahy, Bridget Flannery, Allie Glynn, Harry Moore, Kelly Justin, Áine Reddy and Michael Fitzgerald.

As ever with SomeRiseSomeFall’s released the mantra is “create and share beauty” but, as with all releases by FITZZ Records, 100% of all sales goes to support a charity making connections in the community. All proceeds from ‘Merrengal’ go the movement/registered charity A Lust For Life which is working to facilitate young people to empower their future mental wellbeing.

Shine on. Be Kind. Be of Service. Show compassion.

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