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Smilez Set to Release New Single ‘Change’

May 6, 2022

Straight off the back of his recent hit ‘Irish Girl’ with Young Iz, Smilez is back and ready to go again.

His newest track is a deeper side to Smilez that we do not get to see often. Titled ‘Change’, the track gives us an insight into his mind, where he is now and where he wants to be.

When asked the inspiration behind the track, Smilez said “in the beginning It is a story of a young guy with a lot of dreams. All of the struggles I have been through like people turning on me while I’m down, being broke, living in an abandoned narcotic house and making dirty money. I then switch it to me rising above all of that, standing tall and never looking back.” With fans of all age ranges this is an inspiring and important message to not give up when pursuing your dreams.

The video sets the mood perfectly for the track and does a great job at portraying the emotion behind it. The video is directed by Habek who has worked with a lot of the Irish music scene and never disappoints when it comes to visuals. Keeping to the theme we have a scene with Smilez alone in a lit up yellow hallway and another scene with him alone in a room with lighting to match the vibe of the track.

The song was engineered by Slick Bullet. Slick has worked with over 80% of the Irish music scene and for good reason – he is the best at what he does and it shows in tracks such as this. There is a lot in the pipeline for Smilez this year get ready for more single drops from his highly anticipated EP which will be dropping sometime this year… keep your eyes peeled.


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