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Singer-Songwriter Marie Keane to release first track “Shadow” from her second album

June 1, 2022

‘Shadow’ is about the balancing of the shadow side of the self. The song also explores the sacred feminine and masculine within us all. It explores having to rise up to meet the challenges of how the worlds’ pressures have compressed this part of humanity and calls for the strength to do so. The video explores some of these ideas with the mirror imagery calling and responding. Its ending signifies the freedom of this kind of release in the final scene.

Marie Keane is a singer-songwriter with eclectic themes, from environmental protection (Marie’s a qualified environmental scientist) to Motown influenced love tunes. For 20 years she’s performed in various blues, soul and jazz ensembles. From the main stage in the Cork Jazz Festival to performing traditionally inspired tunes in the Botanical Gardens, her music crosses more than a few divides.

Her debut album ‘Russian Doll’ is a mix of folk blues and soul with subtle classical and traditional undertones. The release of Russian Doll followed on from it’s launch to a packed out Sugar Club performance of the full album in 2019.

‘Shadow’ is the first released single of Marie’s second album ‘MNÁ’ penned throughout the lockdowns of the last two years. MNÁ will be released later this year. “Shadow” will be available on all main streaming platforms from June 6th.

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