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Silky Stripped Back New Release From Susan Quirke’s Forthcoming Debut Album

April 7, 2021

Lahinch-based musician and meditation teacher Susan Quirke has released another new track from her highly-anticipated debut album, which lands on April 23rd. Written in northern California where she spent a few months song writing, ‘Follow Rivers Way’ is a sweet, slow, and delicate song from the Limerick-born artist. It is the most stripped-back song from her forthcoming album, and one that is particularly close to her heart:

‘Follow Rivers Way’ is a tribute to the painful, but often necessary, journey of healing trauma and the promise of transformation that lies at the other side. As well as her enchanting vocals on the track, Susan plays guitar alongside veteran musician Colm Quearney.

It’s a particularly soft sound that Susan is keen to share in advance of a rockier single that is coming down the tracks. Susan says: “I know there’s a big focus in the music industry on upbeat ‘radio-friendly’ releases and I enjoy these as much as anybody. I’ve chosen to release this particular softer sounding song as a lot of people are struggling at the moment and I feel our nervous systems need soothing music now more than ever.”

Susan shares her thoughts on ‘Follow Rivers Way’:

“There are times in life when we can abandon parts of ourselves because to sit in the pain of our past can be too overwhelming. However, I’ve learned throughout the years that it takes far more energy to dodge our pain than to actually sit in it, feel it, grieve, and let it move through us. In our society we are often not taught how to navigate and process pain. Too often we numb it, distract ourselves from it or entertain ourselves so we don’t have to feel. I’ve seen this in my own life and in my work as a meditation teacher. But if the past is not dealt with, it can fester and cause pain in so many other ways.

With the right supports, allowing ourselves to feel the pain of the past allows us to heal. You have to feel it to heal it, as the saying goes. I believe healing trauma is the ultimate superpower on earth right now. It breaks cycles of hurt and pain and is a gift to the collective. This is what Follow Rivers Way sings to. My experience is that following this river of healing can help us to realise that we’re far more powerful than we realise. In many ways this has been my experience in finding my voice as a songwriter and in creating this song and my new album. This has been a hugely healing and transformational journey for me.”

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