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Sharon Shannon Announces New EP ‘Unlocked Series 1 – Inspiration’

January 27, 2022

On 4th Feb 2022 Sharon Shannon releases her brand-new EP ‘Unlocked Series 1 – Inspiration’ .

The Unlocked Series was recorded during lockdown in 2021. Sharon had an opportunity to put the Big Band together for a few streaming shows and so decided to record the music.

The UNLOCKED series acknowledges that the world is about come out of lockdown from Covid-19.

Series 1 INSPIRATION, takes some of the music inspired by the enforced lockdown and recorded for her 2020 lockdown album ‘The Reckoning’.


Track 1             Unlocked / The Lochaber Badger

Track 2             Merry Go Round

Track 3              Daddy Shannon’s Jig / The Bealacana Polka

‘Unlocked’, written by Sharon and Justin Adams, is put together with a piece written by Scottish piper Fred Morrison and learned from Mike McGoldrick. It appeared on her ‘Tunes’ album back in 2005.

‘Merry Go Round’, written by Sharon and Donal Lunny, was the theme tune for Sharon’s acclaimed TV series ‘Heartlands’ on TG4 in 2021.

‘Daddy Shannon’s Jig’, written for The Reckoning, is coupled with ‘The Bealacana Polka’, which originally appeared on her ‘Live at De Barras’ album. Bealacana is the place Sharon was born.  These are put together to celebrate Sharon’s father IJ, who passed away just before Christmas 2021.

Sharon Shannon has achieved legendary status not just in Ireland but throughout the world, and is known for her arrangements of Irish traditional tunes and Irish influenced compositions, as well as her many collaborations with artists of all musical genres.

A prolific composer, she has recorded 10 studio albums to date, and after more than 30 years touring and recording, she is as vibrant and energetic as ever. She is looking forward to touring again, with a UK tour scheduled for February 2022.

She celebrated 30 years in music in 2020.

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