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Rushes Releases New Music Video for ‘Funds’

July 7, 2021

Rushes has just released the video for his sophomore single from his upcoming project ‘Glowchild’, the uptempo, high-energy ‘Funds’.

That sense of uncertainty and unwillingness to give up is translated beautifully into the track’s music video, which finds Rushes exploring the supermarket (Fields in Skibbereen) he once worked in as a teenager late at night with nothing but canned goods for company. Rushes admits the experience of returning to his old workplace was somewhat surreal.  “I remember daydreaming a lot on my shifts about wanting to achieve something more,”  Rushes recalls,  “Nothing has really changed in my life but I’m on a different path right now. It really gets across the message of the song too,”  he adds,  “trying to reach for something but still being stuck in the same place, hoping that you’ll make it to where you want to be or see in your head.” The music video shot over one night with its subdued lighting and a sense of childish possibility made it the perfect vehicle through which to explore the song’s feelings of playful optimism.






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