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Rushes is Back with Catchy Up-Tempo Summer Bop

June 24, 2021

Rushes is set to release his sophomore single from his upcoming project ‘Glowchild’, the uptempo, high-energy ‘Funds’ on June 25th.

From the small, rural town of Skibbereen, Co.Cork, Alternative-Pop artist Rushes exudes an iridescent sound and style like no other. He blends his craft of sensitive songwriting with inventive melodies to produce ambient styles with eager, soulful vocals and cutting-edge hazy electronic sounds.

‘Funds’ was written during a period when Rushes was working tirelessly on music, uncertain of whether it would see the light of day. “I was really burning the candle at both ends” Rushes explains, “it’s like I was laser focused on some vision that has no guarantee of coming true. I’m talking about the sacrifices I was making just to achieve this thing, keeping up some hope that when that day comes it was worth it.”

Upbeat, energetic, vibrant and full of the joys of hot summer days spent laughing with friends, the song is propelled by a driving synth line accompanied by buoyant percussion; as Rushes’s vocals soar high above the instrumentation. Lyrically, Rushes examines the difficulties of artistic endeavours, wondering whether hard work is enough to succeed in such a creative field.

“I was on a good run of creating so there was optimism around, and I think that comes across through the sound,” Rushes recalls of the track’s creation, “I remember it was a miserable day during summer, which is a very typical scene in Ireland. I had the song written so it was just about capturing that carefreeness when recording.”

While the instrumentation comes off as bright and carefree, the track’s lyrics evoke memories of a far more difficult period in Rushes’s life. He sings in the track ‘Staying out in London where my cards get declined / I won’t need to hide when my fruits are ripe, right? / Eating barely nothing but it’s easy to survive’, which harkens back to a story of Rushes finding it difficult to afford to eat while attending songwriting and recording sessions in London.

“I was spending all the money I had on travelling to London, Berlin, anywhere that I could work on my music and I was in sessions all day, forgetting to eat,” Rushes recalls, “then going somewhere starving and my card gets declined, so I was saying to myself, f*** it, you’re going to be experiencing this now, but hopefully that won’t be the case once things start going right.”

‘Funds’ follows on from the huge success of Rushes’s first single ‘Wide Eyed’ which has received amazing media acclaim from publications such as EARMILK, Dansende Beren and Enfnts Terribles, District, Hotpress, Nialler9, GoldenPlec, The Last Mixtape and The track was also added to Spotify’s New Music Friday UK and A Breath of Fresh Éire playlists. On Irish radio ‘Wide Eyed’ is continuing to build having been playlisted on RTÉ2FM, international support from NRJ Belgium and reached no.14 on the Irish Radio Breakers Chart.

‘Funds’ is the second single from Rushes’s upcoming project ‘Glowchild’, which is set for release this September. A track immersed in self-doubt yet sprinkled with a deep sense of optimism and opportunity, ‘Funds’ shows Rushes once more taking the highs with the lows on his journey to his creative mountaintop.

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