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Rosenallis release new single ‘Missed Your Call’

January 18, 2023

Pop-rock trio Rosenallis have released new single ‘Missed Your Call’, produced by Larry Hogan at Dublin Studio Hub.  The trio, comprised of Kevin O’Connor (vocals/guitar), Gustavo De Morais (lead guitar) and Kevin Clesham (drums) have been hard at work since releasing their debut single ‘Fuego’ at the tail end of 2021.

2023 looks to be a busy year for the group, as they plan more releases and gigs.

Speaking of the track, Rosenallis singer-songwriter Kevin O’Connor says that “in that serene west-Ireland setting, the melody and the lyrics for this track just flowed and it’s maybe the quickest song I ever wrote. But that kind of quick-written tune can sometimes be the catchiest! Actually the name was originally “Letters” but then we changed it to the chorus punchline because we felt it would click better”.

You can stream ‘Missed Your Call’ below:

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