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Rónán Ó Snodaigh & Myles O’Reilly Share New Video for ‘Tá Go Maith’

August 18, 2021

Kíla frontman Rónán Ó Snodaigh recently released a new solo album ‘Tá Go Maith’, produced by Myles O’Reilly (aka Indistinct Chatter), and today they share a video for the album’s title track.

Filmmaker and musician Myles O’Reilly of Arbutus Yarns says “In the video for ‘Tá Go Maith’ I wanted people to see the Rónán that I know. A dad, a husband, a brother, a friend to many, a hard working musician and most of all one of the most energetic and positive people I know. It’s all there.

I realised that I hadn’t professionally filmed any of our recording process in Shell Cottage because my mind was so focused on making sounds but as it turned out, there was a formidable library of Instagram clips we shot on our phones, which I then transferred on to VHS tape and digitised again to helps that dream like ‘reflecting on a life style of narrative.” 

‘Tá Go Maith’ is the title track of Ó Snodaigh’s latest solo album which has been so warmly received, with The Irish Times describing it as “a generous offering from an artist still searching, still thirsting for deeper meaning amid the confusion of strange times” (4/5 stars), and Hot Press prescribing the record as “ideal for centring one’s mind (9/10)”

Rónán says “I’ve had purely positive responses so far, thank God and his sisters, nobody’s been offended at my interrupting their reverie with my own soundtrack. The feeling is that everyone can listen to this album without having to think…”

Myles adds “I feel more and more from interactions I’ve been having with people who’ve heard the album and paid us compliments, that Ró and I captured a sound which represents a yearning many people have feeling during the pandemic and the various lockdowns. People feel a release, and a freedom, a catharsis. It’s really all I could have hoped for with this album, for it to inspire in such a way. To have healing properties!”

‘Tá Go Maith’ as an album is a perfect companion with which to practice Tai Chi. It has that inner poise, depth, and controlled meditation, as well as sound tracking a gentle spirituality. O’Reilly has a talent for mining lush, organic sounds from synthetic tools, and his Moog leaves only faint traces of its electric imprint on Ó Snodaigh’s mellow acoustic example. A pastoral plain of percussive guitars, zithers, strings, horns, spectral electronics and perfectly timed Bodhrán.

It’s difficult to argue that ‘Tá Go Maith’ is among Ó Snodaigh’s most ‘traditional Irish’ solo albums, but it could easily be your favourite, because its allure is so simple and pure. Rónán’s Gaelic lyrics and satin voice gently rip through the air like a soft breeze. Song after song has a powerful cumulative effect. There’s a total sense of calm, renewal, a journey completed, knowledge refreshed. Normal time resumes, and for the two long-time friends, it’s time to get to work again.

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