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Rising Alt-folk Star Dani Larkin to Release 3rd Single off her Debut Album

April 30, 2021

Off the back of her debut album announcement, and a new all-island Irish album tour in association with Singular Artists, Dani Larkin releases the third single off her upcoming debut album ‘promising to be one of the most exciting contemporary folk albums this year’ (Hot Press) -the dynamic, energetic and surprising ‘The Red (Maca’s Return)’ out now..

Album ‘Notes For A Maiden Warrior’ is due for release Friday 18th June 2021, available to preorder on vinyl now from

‘The Red (Maca’s Return)’ is a mythic imagining of what it would be like if Maca, the goddess of War and Transformation, and the namesake of Ard Mhaca (Armagh) returned. The song dances in and out of a story from old and explores how the ego, if left unchecked, can lead to a cycle of war and violence that wreaks devastation on our intuitive self and in turn, the world around us. The energy, drive and crescendo of this song is one that marks a dramatic turning point on the album, before it is gently resolved through the soundings of previous releases ‘Samson & Goliath’ and ‘Love Part Three’. Soon to be brought to life visually by Director and Cinematographer Greg Wonder.

Building on from critical acclaim received during her most recent single release ‘Love Part Three’(nearing 100k Spotify streams!) which also features on her debut album, this folk artist saw huge support from Spotify editorial playlists, which saw the track featured across 6 big editorial folk playlists including Fresh Folk, Contemporary Folk, Infinite Acoustic and more. BBC Radio Ulster, RTE Radio One,, The Kate Brennan Harding Podcast, Hot Press and more all got behind her last release, championing the work of this up-and-coming folk star.

2021 is set to be Larkin’s breakthrough year as an artist, that began with her international appearance at Folk Alliance (the world’s largest folk gathering!), followed by confirmed debut at this year’s The Great Escape festival, and the recent additions of her team including leading live booking agency Midnight Mango, as well as Irish promoter Singular Artists, she is an artist on the rise!

The story within the song begins with men preparing themselves for war by painting their faces red and ends with them boasting after they have defeated wild cats (Maca), believing that they have once again triumphed in war. In parallel, the women of the tale are illustrated as a band of Maca’s warriors who carry light in the depths of darkness and sit comfortably within their wild selves. The truth embedded within the song is that each time the men ‘triumph’ in war they defeat their own nature, a natural sense of femininity that could lead them from a cycle of war and violence.

‘The Red (Maca’s Return)’ draws on the concept of how stories from myth, folklore and legend can teach us about our own nature and offer alternatives to the chaos and devastation we currently experience. In short, how the lessons in story and song can lead us to a more sustainable way of living if we choose to listen.

Hailing from the Armagh-Monaghan border, Dani Larkin is already being heralded as ‘one of the finest songwriters of our times’. Larkin has been creating music for several years, and is a well known face on the live circuit in Northern Ireland. A storyteller by nature, her music is inspired by the folktales she was raised with, intertwined with elements of traditional melodies and rhythms from around the world in a timeless tradition.

With Midnight Mango now as her official booking agent, and Singular Artists booking her Irish live shows, this artist has been seen to be picking up speed as of late, despite restrictions.
With the album release date confirmed for 18th June 2021, she is an artist that has been tipped for great things. She is a must-listen for those interested in contemporary folk music, and is one of the brightest lights on the Irish folk scene currently.

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