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‘Replaying The Moments’ from Robbie Monaghan

August 30, 2021

‘Replaying The Moments’ is Robbie Monaghan’s second single release, out 3rd September. The song is an acoustic pop single about memories of a lost love which will resonate with and tug the heart strings of many.

It was recorded, produced and mastered by Dave Skelton (Rofi James, RACHEL, Faraway Martin)

“I wrote the song about a time where one of the most important people in my life left me and how she meant more to me than I meant to her.

I wanted to a song that was heartfelt but in a way that others could relate to it as well.” – Robbie Monaghan

The song was created first through a guitar and piano chordal progression, which was layered with the vocals.

The piece was then complimented with more guitar, piano, harmonies and a drum kit.

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